Prepare to immerse your senses in our fairytale production of Massenet's



Directed by Dan Rogers, this production of Massenet's empowering take on the Cinderella story will immerse audiences not only in the sounds and drama of opera - but all other senses as well! The production will take place late August 2018.  


Auditions for singers:

February 18th, 6:30pm to 10pm. Longy School of Music.
February 19th, 7pm to 10pm. Boston Conservatory.

Audition Requirements

  • Resume and Headshot

  • 2 Arias (French and English encouraged)

Live Auditions Encouraged, but Video/Audio Auditions Accepted. Email to schedule an audition or submit video/audio auditions. If you are unavailable for a live audition please send two samples of your work (at least one video), a resume, and your headshot.


  • Cendrillon- Lyric soprano
  • Madame de la Haltiere- Contralto/Mezzo
  • Le Prince Charmant- High Mezzo/Falcon
  • La Fee- Coloratura Soprano
  • Noemie (Stepsister)- Soprano
  • Dorothee (Stepsister)- Mezzo
  • Pandolfe- Baritone/Bass-Baritone
  • Le Roi- Baritone
  • Le Doyen de la Faculte- Tenor
  • Le Premier Ministre - Baritone/Bass-Baritone
  • Le Surintendant des plaisirs- Baritone
  • Chorus (Ball-goers/Fairies)

opportunity information

  • This is a paid opportunity with all performers evenly splitting the profits of ticket sales after POP's expenses are met.
  • Performances will be in the third week of August and rehearsals will begin in the middle of July.
  • The show will be a 90 minute immersive experience tailored to the space with performers interacting with audience members. 
  •  All roles will be single cast and covered, with the covers performing one cover performance in a concert setting. All covers will also be asked to sing in the chorus.
  • Orchestration will include piano and obbligato instruments. Cuts are TBD.